Emilka walczy z SMA typu 1. To najcięższa postać choroby, która może prowadzić do śmierci

Emilka Dembińska przyszła na świat w połowie października 2020 roku.

  • Nasza historia powinna zacząć się następująco: Na imię mamy Marta i Paweł. Jesteśmy najszczęśliwszymi rodzicami małej królewny Emilki…. Niestety, los zadrwił sobie z tego szczęścia. Nasza malutka córeczka ma zdiagnozowaną rzadką chorobę genetyczną SMA, typ 1 – tak opowieść o Emilce zaczyna jej mama, Marta Dembińska.


Meet Emilia. She was born in mid-October 2020 and suffers from SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), type 1. This is the most sever type of this disease and it can lead to death.

Emilia is already receiving one drug to stop the development of the disease. But in order to overtake it, she requires expensive therapy.

The non-refundable drug called Risdiplam can save her life. One year of treatment costs around USD 100,000 and it depends on the weight of the child. It is a huge challenge to bring this non-refundable drug to Poland. In addition, there are expenses for intensive rehabilitation and the purchase of specialized equipment that will help Emilia in breathing, development and everyday life.

SMA – time is crucial

SMA Type 1 is the most severe type of this illness caused by the mutation of SMN1 gene. Most infants who suffer from it die before age 2 (normally around 18 months) because of respiratory issues. The health condition of little babies with this disease worsens every week. They require an immediate treatment, otherwise they are not able to learn how to sit independently and they gradually lose the ability to breathe and swallow, with a high risk of severe infections. Children with SMA require also round-the-clock care.

Money needed for Emilia’s health improvement

Emilia, apart from weakening her motor functions, has problems with breathing and cries very softly. That is why Emilia’s parents decided to fight to give her another newer drug, imported from abroad. This drug is proven and effective, but unfortunately, it’s not reimbursed in Poland. Due to the oral route of administration, the drug increases the level of SMN protein in all body tissues, acting holistically on all body functions, not only motor ones. The drug is called Risdiplam. One year of treatment costs around USD 100,000 and it depends on the weight of the child.

Intensive therapy and valuable time

– We believe that our actions will create greater chance for Emilia for the future and we will do everything to help her. We are asking you for hope … for hope for our little Emilia. The costs are gigantic and exceed our capabilities. However, we believe that thanks to good people, we will be able to help our little daughter. GOOD returns, and HOPE dies last. We are full of hope – say Emilia Dembińska’s parents, Paweł and Marta.

Emilia Dembińska – we are fighting together for a tiny life

Today, every amount of money count. Parents of Emilia ask for your help on her behalf. The girl has a personal account at the ZOBACZ MNIE Foundation.

Support can be provided in the form of an online transfer via the website https://zobaczmnie.org/wplacam/. In the „PURPOSE” (“CEL” in polish) field, please enter the child’s name and surname: „EMILIA DEMBINSKA”

Payments for her benefit should be sent to the foundation’s accounts:

Recipient: Fundacja ZOBACZ MNIE
Recipient adress: Ofiar Oświęcimskich 14/11, 50-069 Wrocław

Support from abroad (outside Poland) should be sent to the foundation’s currency accounts:
EURO: PL 92 1090 2398 0000 0001 4307 1859
USD: PL 49 1090 2398 0000 0001 4690 2387
SORT CODE: 1090 2398

For each transfer, please enter in the payment title: „EMILIA DEMBINSKA”

In case more money are raised that needed for Emilia’s treatment and rehabilitation, parents will donate the money to the “ZOBACZ MNIE” Foundation to help other children in need.

Contact to Emilia’s parents e-mail: sma.emilka@gmail.com

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